On Tuesday, 04th Feb 2020, Sun De Gong Lakeview held an appreciation dinner for our Malcovest staff for their commitment and hard-work over the year 2019 at Malcovest as a Family.

It was good opportunity for everyone to get together as a team of Malcovest. We have started the event around at 7:30pm with our Director Ms Ameline Ser Family as well.

The fun of the nights doesn’t not stop, we have started to have a wish for new year 2020 and started to cheers up “YamSheng” and with karaoke.

Our director Ms Ameline Ser given a short speech for coming year and she hope that can achieving more goals and work as a team to become better, wiser and stronger so that we can take on even bigger goals.

And we have ended up the events with staff lucky draws and group pictures with some unforgettable memories.

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